What’s in a Nom de Plume?

Every so often I consider dreaming up a pen name. Not because I necessarily dislike my name or because I need an alias to hide my identity, but because my last name is Hubbard. It doesn’t upset me that I share the same surname as the sci fi author turned Scientology founder, but I suppose I’d like to not have to be differentiated. Which is vain, I know, but the thought that I’d have to be specified after L. Ron Hubbard is irksome.

I have no idea what my pen name would be, either. I would like something that is recognizably me, but doesn’t have any Scientological connotations. One I came up with was Hubert Kyle, but then I’d have to be called “Hubert” and I don’t think I’m ready for that. I also considered coming up with a semi-fictional alter-ego ala Hank Chinaski called Tyler Hayward, though perhaps I should go with a more obscure name so I can secure Twitter accounts and web URLs.

Or maybe I should be a more worthwhile writer before I start fretting about this stuff. But fretting is what I do best!

– H.

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