The Newspaper Relic

Recently I started having the news delivered to my place. That was a dumb idea.

Did you know that there is a newspaper every day? It bloats the mailbox and then collects somewhere when I’m done, if I bother to read at all. These things are giant stacks of unwieldy paper, most of which are car ads. And I don’t care about sports or obits or several other categories. Can you do a cable-like deal where you only pay for a few sections? Leave the comics and the local news and world news and arts and such, leave out everything else–including the car ads, if you please. In fact, give it all to me in a zine or something–I hate those giant pages.

I know newspapers have to make a living, and I know they’re struggling, but it’s not really a surprise why. I have a million more convenient ways of getting my news than letting stacks and stacks of paper accumulate. Sure, the reporters of a newspaper may be slightly more credible than a blogger or something, but agendas shine through one way or the other.

There’s just no need for newspapers. It’s sad to say–or maybe it’s not–but it’s what it is. I’m just annoyed that I have to look forward to a new waste of ink and paper stuffing my mailbox every damn day. I mean, how interested am I in the outside world, really?

– H.

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