I’ve mentioned in recent posts that I am a geek. Even though I seem to divide myself between literary and popcorn, I’m ashamed of neither because I love both. The deep, philosophical and intellectual explorations and the fun, stylish joy. I flip-flop between the two interests, but there are times I lean far more towards one than the other.

E3 is a good time for that.

It’s a time when my attention moves to game trailers and conference streams and furiously downloading apps (goddamn ios). As I’m typing this I’m watching the YouTube Gaming stream, waiting patiently for the EA conference after being pleasantly surprised by the Microsoft conference.

There’s a lot of magic in games, especially when you grow up with them. Seeing classics come back, seeing new ideas, new hardware, new worlds and stories–E3 is one of my favourite times of the year. The anticipation is almost better than the games themselves. And while I’m not the most social gamer (I love my RPGs and hate playing online), it inspires conversation and imagination. Half the time I feel like I’m the one dreaming up the ideas when my friends and I start asking the What If? questions. And talking about ideas is the only currency to me in this crazy world.

If only I could afford all the things I want. I guess that’s a pretty universal grievance.

– H.

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