Professional Motivation

That’s what I should do. Motivate people for a living.

I get it: there are so many things on the internet! There are just so many things. Movies and social media and games and pinterests and tvtropes and gossip and porn and all of that. And you’ve got work to do, don’t you? There’s always work to do. And it’s not like you necessarily have trouble doing the work–you just have a tough time starting.

It’s so easy to try to get things in order and end up spending the entire day doing so, but you know as well as I do that that’s productive procrastination–one of the most dangerous types of procrastination. Doing something you feel is helpful to your life instead of doing the thing you’re immediately supposed to be doing.

These days we need motivators. Not bosses or supervisors–we don’t need someone looking over our shoulders to ensure we’re doing what we’re being paid to do despite having no understanding of how we do it. We need someone to help us overcome immediate little problems, make us feel productive, creative, to endeavour to understand our work, to make us feel the immediacy of what we need to be doing as someone genuinely interested in seeing us succeed.

I could do that. Sure–give me a call, get me on Skype, get me to come over with coffee. I’ll help make your work methods more efficient. I’ll talk through problems (that’s where my psych experience could come in handy), work through ideas (I love discussing ideas), help give you a more concise and focused view of what you’re supposed to be doing. And also encourage you to work–keep working–get you started, get you on that roll so when I’m gone you keep rolling.

Say you’re working on a novel. I’ll help with outlining, with focusing ideas, with doing research, with picking a better way of saying something. I’ll edit and comment and keep you working and improving. And I’ll be a right pain in the ass about it all if that’s what you need to be your best.

Now I just need to find someone to pay me.

– H.

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