Update Schedules

I think I’ve only missed one so far. One of these days I’ll write a bonus post to make up for it.

I’m actually surprised I’ve stuck with a consistent schedule this long. It’s been months and there’s been over fifty posts. No matter what I can find a way to produce something, and if it’s something remotely creative I usually like it. Well, until I read it later, anyway. Its kept me writing, which is valuable, even if sometimes I just ramble, like now.

NaNoWriMo is coming up in a few days. I think I want to set some kind of goal for myself, even if I can’t write a full novel. Between my creative writing class and my creative nonfiction paper for a different class, I’m going to be doing plenty of writing in November, whatever the case. So my hope is to have more creative things here soon despite my distance from poetry.

Look: next post. I’ll write something creative. Promise.

– H.

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