Busy Forgetting

this is important:

you need to FIND the TIME
to write on the redyellow autumn
and the death and the fall
and the naked reaching gnarled halloween tree
clouds and dusk and wind scraping
crunching leaves on pavement

the tiny moon in the afternoon
and the
GRINDING brakes against the wheel of the
deadly dying car
and the rows of steel skeletal vehicles
clicking and blinking left left left
as the construction crew carries on
under yellow hats and yellow leaves on yellow lines
and a red sun
pink sky
blue on the other side

because IT’S THERE
it’s close as the horizon
an infinite blank white
blinking cursor canvas sunset of

it’s the closest thing to spring in an
ever-autumn life
printed in a dying firing squad of electrical cursive on
spongy grey paper
waiting to be REAL
waiting to death
as another leaf falls
while you try to find the time

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