So I Hear

I’m beginning to think I don’t know people very well. People, in general, but also specific people I suppose. Every day there seems to be some new revelation about what someone thinks about someone else (or what they think of me), always surprising, always earnest, sometimes vulnerable. People are opening up to me and venting and spilling secrets. I don’t know why, really, but I don’t mind. The timing just seems strange. People are accompanying me on my walks from school, I’m going out for drinks with people I don’t know that well (or haven’t seen in a while), people are approaching me in the cafeteria and sitting down and talking and talking and I seem to be in the eye of some melodrama storm.

There’s just something about autumn I think. People are shedding their leafy baggage, and I guess I just happen to be the guy with the rake.

– H.

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