Dot Dot Dot

I can’t remember how it happened, but I promised a couple of my friends that I would wear polka dots every day. I had already bought a few polka dotted shirts and I guess that’s how the conversation started. But after that I had to pick up polka dotted socks and underwear for those days when the shirts were in the laundry, shorts that had polka dotted turn-ups (which I never wore because I foolishly bought them at the tail end of summer), and even a pair of polka dotted swim trunks in case I went swimming and couldn’t wear anything else.

I’ve kept it up, you know. Every day there’s something polka dotted on my body. But my two friends have never inquired about it, which is probably good in case they want proof some day when I’m only wearing the spotted underwear. I guess I’m just keeping it up for the principle of the thing. Also I like polka dots.

I hope you feel like you’ve learned something new about me today, reader.

– H.

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