Almost Famous

I used to make this online comic strip. It never got to be a major hit, but at its peak I was nearing a thousand unique visitors daily. The highest this blog has gotten in a day is 32. To put it in perspective. People wrote me fan mail for this goofy strip that I hate now. The validation was nice, of course. And it always encouraged me to keep going. I wish I could find a way to replicate that without having to spend hours in Photoshop or having to write pop culture jokes. The best I can do is put this blog on an update schedule, but that doesn’t seem to do much except force me to write on days I’d rather not (like right now).

One cool thing to come out of my comic strip was being invited to speak at a webcomics panel at a local convention (Animethon in Edmonton). So I sat at this table in a classroom in what would eventually be my University, while several people listened to me and about four other webcomic creators talk about our craft. I didn’t plan for it. When someone asked me what my comic was about, I didn’t know what to say. Yet I managed to be confident and make a lot of jokes to the point of drowning out the other creators. Unintentionally, of course. But I got plenty of laughs and despite having crippling social anxiety (I’m a fair bit better now), I relaxed and felt like a celebrity.

Pretty goofy, eh, reader? There were like fifteen people max in the audience. I wasn’t anything special, and even then I had little love for my own work. But I got a fancy VIP card and I guess that gave me an excuse to strut around the convention/school like a bigshot.

God, I really hope I never become famous. I’d be insufferable. To myself.

– H.

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