I don’t remember when 37 happened. I think it was high school. I have this weird memory of walking down a school hallway and thinking that I see the number 37 everywhere. Baader-Meinhoff. Abracadabra. Now it is everywhere.

Every time I look at a clock? Something:37. What’s the number on that guy’s jersey? 37. What was the number of the house I lived in for a year? No seriously, guess.

I realize it doesn’t mean anything. If you pick a number and decide it means something, sure you’ll see it everywhere. It’s confirmation bias. You pay attention to all the times a number you see is 37 and ignore all the times it isn’t. I’ve even got all my friends seeing it everywhere, now. They always point it out to me when they see it. It jumps out at us like some kind of tornado shark.

Thirty. Seven.

30, 7.


I’m too tired to write right now.

– H.

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