Two Bit Tragedy

I fell in love with you. You have to understand that that’s never happened–or if it has, it’s been such a long time that I…

So many have come and gone to the point where I would forget when I was alone and when I wasn’t. But I remembered you. Every day, even before I saw you.

And you’d make me smile–not just smile, but smile better. Somehow. It was more natural when you were with me. My smile feels so lifeless now. It curves, but it used to curve with you.

I would see an image of you, in the periphery, when we walked past car windows. No, I never forgot. But sometimes I needed to stop and gaze, to look closer. Maybe that’s what went wrong.

I regret thinking you could be better. I almost lost you for that.

The second time, I did lose you.

Maybe if I had been more careful, you’d still be with me. But after the first time, I just didn’t trust you with anyone else. I should have.

That barber may have trimmed you too close, but I shaved you clean of my life.

My face is cold without you.

– H.

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